Creator Austin Chuck-Yin recommends comic book stores as great learning environments

Here’s my chat with Austin Chuck-Yin. Podcast available on Apple Podcasts and player.FM

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Austin is a writer whose recent work is Lady of Wrath. After graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto, Austin took to comics right away by working at a comic book store to learn the industry from the inside out.

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During our chat, Austin talked about how he got his start in comic books including how he spent his time in comic books stores. He also discussed his influences and why he prefers the modern era. Austin talked about future projects and upcoming appearances.

You can find Austin on Instagram at Instagram/austinchuckyin and


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


Info News in Kelowna, British Columbia, published an interview with Sherrie Cannell, who along with her son Tyler, created a comic book called Jax and Jillian. The 13-issue series tells the story of Canadian bloggers and their adventures across the country.  When asked about the details of the series, Sherrie said: “Each province gets to tell their story…We can only touch on what each province has to offer.” She added: “Building a comic is something you do because you love it.” You can read more at

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VOCM recognized Mike Feehan for his Eisner Award nomination for Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles. The article reads that “he told VOCM’s Sunday Drive with Darrell Power that the nomination made him think about all the teachers that encouraged him…and those who were not so encouraging.” Mike will be a featured guest at the Pure Comix Festival at the Anna Templeton Center in St. John’s, Newfoundland starting June 27. You can read more at

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660 City News interviewed Ken Lashley during his recent appearance at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. When asked about how he got to his position currently in the comic book industry, Ken said: “Always be positive–even in the negative there is a positive. I remember when I first started in this business I thought being famous was important but it’s so irrelevant. Being the best artist you can be is the only thing you can control so I would just work on my stuff.” You can read more at

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Global News conducted an interview with Jeff Burton the creator of Auroraman on a variety of subjects including using comic books as educational tools. The interview mentioned that Jeff has now branched out to feature Auroraman stories in podcasts with the help of his wife and his son. You can read more at



Paste Magazine interviewed Michael DeForge about his most recent work Leaving Richard’s Valley. When asked about using archaic technology as part of his creative process, Michael said: “Are photocopiers archaic? I just try to use whatever tools best get the job done. Sometimes that’s a Cintiq tablet; sometimes that’s a photocopier; sometimes that’s pen and ink. I’m not precious about it or anything. Almost all of my final pages are digital, and I prefer not to hold onto any preliminary drawings or original art I might produce along the way.” You can read more at

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