Winnipeg comic book creator Scott Ford talks about inspiration from Mike Mignola and Studio Ghibli

Here’s my chat with Scott Ford. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and player.FM

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Scott is a comic creator, illustrator, and designer living in Winnipeg. His experimental fantasy horror comic, Giants Well received a 2017 Manitoba Book Award, for book design and illustration. Scott’s work has been featured in galleries and publications, on beer cans and book covers, and he’s spoken about his artistic practice at numerous public presentations about art and design.

giants well

During our chat, Scott talked about his comic book inspirations including Mike Mignola and visual inspiration from Studio Ghibli. He talked about how he got involved in comics along with the current comic book scene in Winnipeg. Scott talked about his process for making comic books including Google SketchUp.

Here’s a piece of late breaking news about Scott that occurred after our conversation. The Comics Journal published an article about the Best Comics of 2018: A Retail Perspective and in the Best Video Game/D&D/Fusion-type comic Ark Land by Scott won the award for the book published by Chigraphic. You can read more at


You can find Scott online on Twitter at @ScottA_Ford and online at


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

CBC News published an article about writer Jed MacKay from Prince Edward Island about how he got his writing gig for Marvel Comics on the Man Without Fear mini-series. MacKay was quoted as saying: “I’m really pleased with how it came out, the work that I did, and the work of the different artists on the series.” You can read more at

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The 8th Annual Montreal Comic Arts Festival was announced and it will take place May 24-26 at Espace La Fontaine in the heart of La Fontaine Park in Montreal. The guest list is quite impressive and some have appeared on this podcast including Boum, Karl Kerschl, Djibril Morissette-Phan, Julian Peters, Joy San, and Marguerite Sauvage. More information is available at

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On the calendar for this weekend is Vancouver Comic Con taking place Sunday, January 20 from 11 am to 5 pm at Heritage Hall in Vancouver BC. Among the many guests is Ken Steacy. You can read more at

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