Celebrating 20 years of The Dragon comic book store with Jenn Haines

Here’s my┬áchat with Jenn Haines at the 20th anniversary of The Dragon comic book store in Guelph, Ontario. Podcast is available on iTunes

Jenn Haines portrait

Jenn is the proprietor of The Dragon a specialty comic book and games store in Southern Ontario. The Dragon has received numerous awards including the prestigious Will Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award, which recognizes the best comic stores in the world.

dragon anniversary

I had the privilege of interviewing Jenn during the two-day celebration that featured a mini-convention of numerous talented Canadian comic book creators and some cosplayers too.

brampton batman

During our chat at The Dragon location, Jenn talked about how she came up with the idea for a unique comic book store and how the shops have grown into a recognized force in today’s market. Jenn also addressed the topic of whether the comic book industry is in decline.

You discover more about The Dragon on Twitter at @dragonguelph and online at dragonguelph.com

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