Interview with Dan Day at Brampton Comic Con 2018

Here’s my chat with Dan Day at Brampton Comic Con 2018.

Dan Day Brampton Comic Con

Dan is a mainstay of the comic book industry having created amazing art since the 1980s. He was the artist on Cases of Sherlock Holmes (published by Renegade Press and Northstar Publications, 1986-1990) which featured Conan Doyle’s original text with Day’s art. His other comic book credits include Aztec Ace, Black Zepplin, Marvel Comics Presents, Swamp Thing, Deadworld, Detective Comics, Doctor Strange, Elvira, Lost In Space, Man From UNCLE and Nightmare On Elm Street and the list goes on and on.

During our chat, Dan talked about his preferences for local conventions, some stories about working in the industry and some advice for up and coming artists.

Thanks to Dan for chatting with me. It was a real thrill to chat with a comic book industry legend.

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