Interview with Meaghan Carter at the 2017 Whitby Comics Art Festival

Here’s my chat with Meaghan Carter at the 2017 Whitby Comics Arts Festival.

Meaghan Carter

Meaghan is a Toronto-based comic artist, with works in the Valor, Toronto Comics and Secret Loves of Geek Girls anthologies. Her webcomic ‘Take off!’ ran for four years before reaching completion, and she now works on the action mythology comic Godslave. She currently colors for Jason Loo’s The Pitiful Human Lizard. She teaches Cartooning for Comics at Max the Mutt college of Animation, and has taught children’s workshops at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

During our chat, Meaghan talks about her current, ongoing and future projects along with some insightful advice for up and coming creators.

You can find out more about Meaghan online at and on Twitter @mega_carter

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