Start Your Comic Panel at 2017 Whitby Comic Arts Festival

Here’s the Start Your Comic Panel recorded at the 2017 Whitby Comic Arts Festival.

Start Your Comic panel

Hosted by Geek Hard podcaster Andrew Young, the panel featured Meaghan Carter, “Fearless” Fred Kennedy, Scott Chantler and D.A. Bishop and spoke about how aspiring writers and illustrators can go about getting their comic book off the ground. The panelists talked about getting started with their own comic books, problems they faced and overcame, and new challenges that have cropped up now that they’ve been creating comics.

You can discover more about Andrew Young at, Meaghan Carter is on Twitter at @mega_carter, Fred Kennedy is on Twitter at @Fearless_Fred, Scott Chantler is on Twitter at @scottchantler, and D.A. Bishop is on Twitter at @Renerd

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