Heroes of the Home Front panel at Fan Expo 2017

At Fan Expo 2017 in Toronto, Ivan Kocmarek led a panel along with comic book artist Gerald Lazare to present the forthcoming Heroes of the Home Front – a Kickstarter project celebrating Canadian artists and their comic books during World War II.

Heroes of the Home Front - small

The presentation also includes a ‘shout out’ to current comic book creator Ron Kasman — stay tuned for his interview arriving very soon.

This video contains edited selections from the Fan Expo 2017 panel presentation.

While at Fan Expo 2017, Gerald signed some artwork from those WWII comic books. 

Gerald Lazare

Discover more about Gerald at http://www.lazarestudio.com/

Discover Heroes of the Home Front on Kickstarter

And here’s a link to the recent podcast interview with Ivan Kocmarek who provided even more information about Heroes of the Home Front