Interview with Jack Briglio

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Jack is the writer of the Eisner-nominated fantasy adventure series Growing Up Enchanted. We’ve seen Jack’s work in Scooby-Doo and Legion of Superheroes in the 31st Century, The Adventures of Digger & Friends, and Sesame Street Comics for Sesame Street Workshop. Currently, Jack is working on Dominion Jack (with Hugh Rookwood), a serial in Canadian superhero anthology series True Patriot Presents, Captain Canuck, and other cool things at Chapterhouse Publishing.

I’ve spoken with Jack before based on his work in the True Patriot anthology. In this conversation, Jack provides an update on his current books plus provides a sneak peak about his upcoming projects and events.

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So without further delay, here’s a TNCC Podcast with Jack Briglio.

Jack Briglio

Jack Briglio: Well, still continuing with the new adventures of Dominion Jack through Chapterhouse Comics digitally every two months. We have a series called True Patriot Presents and the continuing adventures of Dominion Jack appear there now. Issue five was out in time for Canada Day. Issue six will be out some time in September. We’ve got five stories in each issue for only $1.99. Dominion Jack is one of those stories — it’s an exciting adventure where he’s facing off against a take over and a lot of the villains that he’s faced in previous episodes so I’m having a lot of fun with it.

True North Country Comics: Issue Zero just came out?

JB: Issue Zero is a compilation of the original story I did in that series. Issue Zero compiles the episodes from issues two, three and four of True Patriot Presents on Comixology. I wanted to have a print edition for conventions I went to this year — that’s where Dominion Jack Issue Zero was born. We’re got a few copies left here at the show, running low, but it’s been well received.

TNCC: You mentioned something about Supericons, I think? Can you tell me about that?

JB: That one is an old proposal that I worked on some pages that I wanted to get out onto the website because I thought the pages were nice. It started with an old Dial H for Hero pitch that I did for DC Comics that didn’t end up going anywhere. They passed on it so I thought I’d do my own. I did about nine pages with artist Tom Szyc and I’m just having it out there. Who knows? Maybe a publisher will look at it and say ‘Hey, we’re interested. Let’s do that.’ I can tell you that one of the other things I’m working on, and I announced to people who have come there, that I’m doing some work for Joe Books. I’m doing some scripts for Disney Princess. You can start to see some stories from in the upcoming issues of that. It’s nice all ages fun. But my super hero stuff — I’m still working hard on getting that out there for everybody to see.

TNCC: I saw that you had a stand at the ByWard Market in Ottawa. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

JB: That’s Authors Market. So over the summer and with Canada 150 it was just a little more special. Apparently they do this every year. I just found out about it. They have a booth for two local authors to be able to sell their books to the ByWard Market area to tourists and whoever else is visiting there. So I thought I’d try it this year. The Sunday I went it was really good. But apparently they have slots all week, like Monday through Sunday, and like I said, I tried it on Sunday and it was great. I think I’ll be doing it again next year. It’s nice. As long as the weather’s nice, it’s kind of a nice time to be out there.

TNCC: What’s the next show for you? I know this is a big one here. Anything else coming up you could talk about?

JB: It’s not a show like Fan Expo, but in Ottawa there’s Can Con every year. It’s a spec-fiction, science fiction, fantasy writers convention. So I’ll be there. There will be a couple of panels that myself and Dominic Bercier are going to talk about collaborating. He’s an artist, a writer/artist but I worked with him on Dominion Jack Zero. We’re going to talk about collaborating together — what it means to work on comics together as a writer and an artist. And also they do readings usually for various books from authors who want to do little readings. Well, we’re going to do, at this for the first time, we’re going to do comic readings. So we’re going to display some excerpts from Dominion Jack, let’s say, and we’re going to get voice actors to play out some of the scenes. So that should be fun. If there are any writers or aspiring writers out there who are interested in going to that convention it will be a lot of fun. There will be a lot of interested panels. Something for everyone.

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