DCAF 2017


The Dartmouth Comics Arts Festival 2017 has come and gone. The Dartmouth, Nova Scotia event was a great time for all who attended and definitely will last in many peoples’ memories.


The free annual all-ages event was created to celebrate comic books and creators of all types. Attendees were able to meet artists and vendors in person as they displayed and sold their creations to both locals and visitors alike.


I met up with a variety of comic book creators and supporters.

Tony White of Chapterhouse Comics promoted a variety of published books including ‘Captain Canuck’ and ‘True Patriot Presents’. I was one of the backers for the original True Patriot books see my blogs Celebrating Father’s Day and True Patriot vol. 2 launch video

I caught up with Mike Holmes who, along with his collaborator Meredith Gran, were winding up their North America tour. Mike, a Nova Scotia native, has drawn for a variety of comic series including ‘Bravest Warriors’, ‘Adventure Time’ and the viral art project Mikenesses.

Andy Brown of Conundrum Press was promoting The Collected Neil  The Horse by Arn Saba. Andy also exhibited at this year’s TCAF (Toronto Comics Arts Festival) but that table was always crowded. DCAF was a better opportunity to chat about the many new offerings from Conundrum Press.

I also met up with Don Mann who was promoting East Coast Comic Expo. The annual event held in New Brunswick is centrally located and was created as an all-ages convention to celebrate comic books and comic book culture. This year’s event held in May saw industry professional writers and artists joining to celebrate, along with local vendors and many talented local creators and artisans. Don promised that East Coast Comic Expo 2018 promises to be equally as good.

For more information about all the creators and exhibitors at DCAF 2017, please visit the website: http://dcaf.strangeadventures.com/

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