Rob Norman chats up a bold future

Rob Norman discusses the process behind his latest Kickstarter graphic novel

Here’s my chat with Rob Norman about his graphic novel Future Favors The Bold on Kickstarter.

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Rob Norman is the producer of the CBC’s Limited Capacity and Personal Best which Time Magazine calls “easily one the funniest podcasts on air”. Rob is a Canadian Screen Award winner for his performance on CityTV’s Sunnyside. His most current project is the graphic novel Future Favors The Bold on Kickstarter.

Future Favors the Bold is an 80-page dark satirical, sci-fi graphic novel written by Rob Norman, illustrated by CJ Camba, and colors by Fabi Marques (known for work on BOOM! Studios’ Power Rangers Unlimited), Natalia Nesterenko (who’s done work for Marvel), and more! The book showcases political allegories and mature themes with a storyline of psycho-killers in outer space.

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