Matt McGrath shares ‘Everyday Fears’

Matt McGrath talks about how he put together his latest comic book anthology

Here’s my chat with Matt McGrath about his Kickstarter project Everyday Fears anthology.

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Matt is a writer and marketing professional who lives in Toronto. He currently works as a content writer, specializing in educational marketing. He is also co-founder of the Toronto theatre production company, Bygone Theatre. Matt’s short comics have appeared in Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures (Renegade Arts Entertainment), Strange Romance Volume 3, A Soul Divided/Caged in Flesh (Red Stylo Media), and Called Into Being. His most recent project was his first self-published comic, ID-10t error, successfully funded on Kickstarter. Matt’s newest Kickstarter venture is entitled Everyday Fears.

logo for Everyday Fears comic

Everyday Fears is a 40-page anthology comic of horror comedies written by Matt and illustrated by a variety of talented artists. The project, labelled as a slice-of-life horror comedy anthology, is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

To discover more about the Everyday Fears project on Kickstarter check out the site:

You can discover more about Matt on Bluesky at @stupidmatt

Check out a recent interview with Matt about ID-10T Error here.


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