Kevin Woolridge

Kevin Woolridge talks about comics in Newfoundland

Kevin shares his thoughts on the comic book scene in Newfoundland

Here’s my chat with Kevin Woolridge about his new publishing company Heavy Sweater Comics.

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Kevin Woolridge

Kevin Woolridge is a cartoonist from Goulds, Newfoundland and Labrador. His works include the comic strip ‘The Little World’ that was featured in Current Magazine, alongside his editorial cartoon ‘The Opposition’. He recently launched his own publishing company, Heavy Sweater Comics. Kevin loves Godzilla movies, collects of vintage toys, and he’s a hater of wet socks. His most recent book is Andy and The Magic Box.

Andy and The Magic box cover art

The story of Andy and The Magic Box goes like this: “Steve and his friends have heard that Andy the Magician will be performing soon, but what they’re really interested in is Andy’s Magic Cardboard Box. Where did he get it? And how does it work? Is it magnets? Invisible wires? Or something more sinister? The only way to know the full story is to ask the magician himself. Set in Kevin Woolridge’s The Little World, Andy and the Magic Box is a story for all ages.”

You can discover more about Kevin Woolridge on Instagram at @heavysweatercomics and @finallythestory with the website planned to launch in November.


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