Bill Slavin reveals his new graphic novel ‘Mordecai Crow: Secrets of Jarrow’

Here’s my chat with Bill Slavin about his new graphic novel Mordecai Crow: Secrets of Jarrow from Renegade Arts Entertainment.

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Hailing from Belleville, Ontario, Bill studied Cartooning and Graphic Story Illustration at Sheridan College. His illustration work includes Paulette Bourgeois’ book, Too Many Chickens! as well as a number of other children’s books. With his wife, Esperança Melo, he was a member of the Millbrook Gallery, a gallery collective of nineteen local artists in Millbrook, Ontario. Recently, he has returned to his childhood love of comics and graphic novels, writing and illustrating the graphic novel trilogy for kids, Elephants Never Forget, as well as the Mordecai Crow trilogy. Mordecai Crow: Secrets of Jarrow is his first book with Renegade Arts Entertainment.

Mordecai Crow: Secrets of Jarrow is the story of Mordecai Crow is “a drifter, stuck between two worlds and belonging to neither, in search of his long-lost parents. He must solve a mysterious murder to clear his name after seeking refuge in a fortress committed to preserving ancient knowledge. What secrets lie at the heart of its ancient walls? And how are they connected to Mordecai’s mysterious past?”

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