D.K. Latta discusses writing novels for Lev Gleason Library

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Based in Ontario, D.K. Latta (who has also occasionally written as A.L. Godfrey, “Doc” R.B Danby, Belinda Anne Ferryman, and probably one or two others) has been writing fiction and non-fiction off and on for decade. His writings appearing in magazines, webzines, Huffington Post Canada, and his own websites. His fiction is mostly in science fiction and fantasy and his non-fiction has mostly been focused on Canadian film and television with a focus on issues surrounding cultural identity and representation, with a side helping of opining on comic books and science fiction. Recently, he’s written ‘pulpy’ short novels for Comic House’s Lev Gleason Library using some of the comic book characters they publish. including Death Takes Centre Stage featuring the Golden-Age Daredevil, The “I” of the Needle featuring the classic, Bronze Age Captain Canuck, and Deadly Waters featuring the Golden-Age Silver Streak.

The story of Deadly Waters: A Silver Streak Novel goes like this: “Fighting armed robbers and performing for charity is all in a day’s work for the superhero speedster Silver Streak and his sidekick Whiz. So what is a superhero to do when a giant creature inexplicably appears in the middle of mid-town—not to mention an alluring new neighbor moving in next door? To solve these mysteries Silver Streak joins forces with an eccentric professor and his motley expedition to search for the creature’s rumored home—somewhere out on the vastness of the chilly Hudson Bay. But Silver Streak’s party isn’t the only one searching for answers. Nor is the creature the only secret awaiting them upon these…Deadly Waters”

You can discover more about D.K. Latta online at http://www.pulpanddagger.com/dk_latta.html

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