Cecil Castellucci talks about her new graphic novel ‘Shifting Earth’ from Berger Books

Here’s my chat with with Cecil Castellucci about her new graphic novel Shifting Earth from Berger Books. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Cecil is the award winning and New York Times Bestselling author of books and graphic novels for young adults including Shade, The Changing Girl, Boy Proof, The Plain Janes, Soupy Leaves Home, The Year of the Beasts, Tin Star, Female Furies and Odd Duck. In 2015 she co-authored Star Wars Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure. She has also written Batgirl for DC Comics. Her short stories and short comics have been published in Strange Horizons, Tor.com, and many other anthologies. In a former life, she was known as Cecil Seaskull in the ‘90s indie band Nerdy Girl. She has written three opera librettos Les Aventures de Madame Merveille (World Premiere in 2010) Hockey Noir: The Opera (World Premiere 2018) and Metternich! Princess Pauline Von Metternich (World Premiere 2021). She is the former Children’s Correspondence Coordinator for The Rumpus, a two-time MacDowell Fellow, and was the founding YA Editor at the LA Review of Books. Her pandemic projects have been rewatching every Disney film in order and researching a British World War I soldier. Her newest graphic novel is entitled Shifting Earth from Berger Books.

The story of Shifting Earth goes like this: “In a not-so-distant future, a freak particle storm has landed botanist Dr. Maeve Lindholm on an idyllic yet strange parallel Earth, with no way back home. Here, two moons rule society, and nature outshines science. Yet, all isn’t what it seems as this Eden-like existence is on the brink of unthinkable change. Astronomer Zuzi battles this fractious society every day—just like Maeve did on her own climate-ravaged planet. Both women are fighters, and both face a choice: forge new paths, or save the worlds they’ve always known? Maeve will have to decide, and fast– because she’s fighting for more than just herself.”

You can discover more about Cecil on Twitter at @misscecil and on Instagram at @cecilseaskull and online at CecilCastellucci.com


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