TCAF 2022: Brian Canini talks about ‘Plastic People’ and ‘Applewood Canyon’ and more

Illustration by Jenn Woodall

In celebration of the comic book creators exhibiting at the 2022 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, here’s my chat with Brian Canini about Plastic People and Applewood Canyon and more at the 2022 Toronto Comic Arts Festival. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Brian has been cartooning and creating stories ever since he took hold of his first crayon. Through his efforts in self-publishing, he has created the award-winning autobio graphic novels Fear of Flying and The Big Year, the critically-acclaimed crime comic Ruffians, and is one half of the team duo that produces the award-winning webcomic Drunken Cat. His most recent efforts include Plastic People and Applewood Canyon.

The storyline for Plastic People goes like this: “Come to Los Angeles, where everyone is safe, happy, and beautiful. In the future, LA has put into law that everyone must undergo plastic surgery to look the same. The city is now full of two types of people, male and female. What could possibly go wrong?”

Applewood Canyon is described as a satire about “your typical All-American suburb in all it’s Americana goodness.”

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