MCAF 2022: Peter Ricq reveals his book ‘Ghosts Are People Too’ at the 2022 Montreal Comic Arts Festival

In celebration of the 2022 Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF), here’s my chat with Peter Ricq about his book Ghosts Are People Too. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Peter is an award-winning creative professional based in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to his work as a Visual Artist, he is also a Television Producer, Writer, Art Director, Designer, Director, Music Composer and Performer. Even before completing his BFA in film animation at Concordia University in Montreal, Peter was well on his way to creating a name for himself. In 2005, the artist and his partners sold their first animated TV series: “The League of Super Evil” (YTV, CBBC, NICK) which ushered him into his role as Art Director in 2007. Peter went on to co-create and several other animated series with his creative collaborator Phil Ivanusic-Vallee including “Oh No! It’s an Alien Invasion” (Teletoon, ABC3, Canal J) and “Freaktown” (Teletoon, Cartoon Network Asia, Disney SEA). Peter released a graphic novel, Once Our Land, in 2016 to critical acclaim. His most current work is Ghosts Are People Too.

The story of Ghosts Are People Too goes like this: “Ethan Alby, for all intents and purposes, is a regular child with a family, a pet dog, a favorite pastime, and even a crush. Except he’s a ghost. And as a ghost, there is one thing he would like to improve: understanding between ghosts and “spooky living people.” Drawing on the very root of storytelling: explaining the unexplainable, Ethan describes situations that readers will recognize as regular activities for “spooky living people” and be charmed with his interpretations of them. They will also wonder if it was their resident ghost who might have snapped their favorite toy in two, or changed the T.V. channel suddenly.”

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