MCAF 2022: Yanick Paquette talks about working in comics at MCAF 2022

Poster Art by the Legendary Michel Rabagliati

In celebration of the 2022 Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF), here’s my chat with Yanick Paquette. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube. Please like and subscribe to that video channel.

Based in Montreal, Yanick is an Eisner nominated, Shuster award winner and number one New York Times best-selling comics artist. He began his career as a comic book illustrator in the United States in 1994. He’s worked for Topps, Marvel and DC Comics, illustrating titles including Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Avengers, JLA, X-Men, Wolverine Weapon X, Terra Obscura, Seven Soldiers, and Swamp Thing. He collaborates with the biggest writers of the medium, including Alan Moore, Scott Snyder, Jason Aaron and Grant Morrison, with whom he drew Wonder Woman: Earth One. His most recent project is illustrating a new INCAL graphic novel for Humanoid associée.

While at MCAF, Yanick will be joined by Marguerite Sauvage and Juni Ba as a panelist for ‘Travailler dans l’univers‘ du comics held on Sunday, May 29 at 1 pm.

You can discover more about Yanick on Twitter and Instagram at @yanickpaquette and online at


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