Keven Jordao discusses making his ‘Guarding Of The Flock’ comic book

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Keven is an Illustrator from Toronto, Ontario. He’s studied at Sheridan College for Art Fundamentals, Mohawk Collage for Comic design and scripting and Max the Mutt for sequential illustration. Keven claims to have always loved to tell stories of fantasy, mystery and action ever since he was a child. For him the process of breaking in to the world of comics has been slow, but he says he’s been driven by a passion to draw. Keven’s current project is Guarding of the Flock

Guarding of the Flock is the story of Grimm, Fate of the Present, who investigates crimes committed by the supernatural and brings them to justice. 

You can discover more about Keven on Twitter at @keven_jordao and online at


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