Leland Bjerg discusses cathartic creation with ‘Capsules’

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Leland is a freelance writer, editor, and comic letterer. He is a three-time Platform Comics finalist for the 10K Comic Challenge and Short Comic competitions for his writing and lettering. Leland has published comics work with Fugitive Poems and he also wrote a sci-fi novella entitled Re: Awaken for Splice Comics. He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia with his wife and a swarm of dogs. His most current project, with artist Casey Poznikoff, is Capsules.

Capsules tells the story of “Anna and Jericho who have been drifting through deep space in an escape pod for two years. Anna has been suffering from PTSD, and struggles with severe depression. Jericho has been taking care of her as best as he can, but his focus is primarily on keeping them alive. Their relationship is pushed to the brink when Jericho’s own health begins to slip and their air supply fails simultaneously.”

You can discover more about Leland on Twitter @BjergLeland and on Instagram at @leland_writes

The Capsules Kickstarter page is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lelandwrites/capsules


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