Allison Danger turns mortality and grief into ‘The Best of Us’ comic book series

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Allison calls herself an ‘analytical romantic’ that uses the art of storytelling to best express her sentiment and emotionality. Her works are influenced by pop culture, and believes that every story needs a soundtrack. Allison is the writer and creator of the Blood & Motor Oil graphic novel and the illustrated story When Wolf Lost Moon. Her stories focus on the intimate human interactions and friendships, told in fantastic, science fiction settings. Her current project is The Best of Us comic book series.

Cover illustration by Shawn Daley

The Best of Us is described as follows: “It’s 2049 and the Federation Nations doesn’t want any more heroes. The strongest person in the world is captured and she’s sent to a facility that holds aged exceptional people. While the other senior residents of this facility vie for autonomy and to decide their own fate, they find they must work together with their captors as the impending threat of the world class villain Deathnote looms.”

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