Ken Janssens discusses his ‘Hindsight’ comic book series

Here’s my chat with Ken Janssens about his comic book series Hindsight. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. True North Country Comics also has its own YouTube Channel. Please check it out.

Based in Winnipeg, Ken is a writer/director/producer/editor who has worked for Global Television, Bluewater Productions, Pro Se Productions, Red-Handed Studios, Prometheus Comics, Pulp Empire, Airship 27, 99.1 Cool FM, and Naylor, LLC. He’s currently working with Strata Studios on four different projects for television and other media. His first young adults’ novel, “The Sister Arcana”, was released by Pro Se Productions in the spring of 2014. He has over a dozen pulp stories published in anthologies by Pro SeProductions, Airship 27, and Pulp Empire. For the comic book market, he has two mini-series published by Bluewater Productions (Sherlock Holmes: Victorian Knights and Robin the Hood). His current project is the Hindsight comic book series.

Hindsight tells the story of “an emotionally-troubled scientist who travels back in time to solve one of history’s greatest mysteries, while in the present, a corrupt ex-cop wants to learn his secret and is willing to destroy his world to do it. Hindsight is a comic book thriller series about two men racing against time… 128 years apart.”

You can discover more about Ken on Twitter at @writerKJanssens on Instagram at @kenjanmedia and online at


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