Jason Anarchy talks about making ‘Newfoundland Jam’ the game with artist Kelly Bastow

Jason Anarchy and some board game guy named Wil Wheaton

Here’s my chat with Jason Anarchy about making ‘Newfoundland Jam’ the game with artist Kelly Bastow.

Since 2011, Jason Anarchy has been managing the creation, printing and publication of funny card games like Drinking Quest, Newfoundland Jam and HECK: A Tiny Card Game. He’s exhibited at many gaming and comic book conventions in Canada, Australia, the UK and the US including Pax East, Pax South, Pax Aus, Gencon, Fan Expo, Emerald City Comic Con and New York Comic Con — all at which he claims to have “a lot of fun meeting and interacting with fans.”

Newfoundland Jam is a colourful card game about making jam with flavourful cuss words!

Originally from Newfoundland, Kelly is is a traditional illustrator based in Toronto. Kelly illustrated the Quirk Books titles The Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy, Manfried The Man, and Manfried Saves The Day. You can listen to interviews with Kelly on the website here and here.

You can discover more about Jason Anarchy on Twitter at @DrinkingQuest on Instagram at @jasonanarchy and online at JasonAnarchyGames.com


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