Dave Ross talks about making comic books at Fan Expo Canada

Here’s my chat with Dave Ross about making comic books. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. True North Country Comics also has its own YouTube Channel. Please check it out.

Dave is Toronto-based artist who has mainly worked on a variety of popular comic book characters. After graduating from the Animation Program at Sheridan College, Dave began working in storyboarding, character design, composition and layout in animation as well as storyboarding for live action film. He was an artist of the series Rai at Valiant, and worked on such Marvel titles as Avengers West Coast, Marvel Knights: Daredevil, Iron Man and Inhumans. At DC, he has worked on JLA and Birds of Prey. He is also known for illustrating Star Wars for Dark Horse Comics. Dave is also a co-coordinator and instructor in an Illustration for Sequential Arts’ program in Toronto Canada at a private school named Max The Mutt.

You can purchase Dave’s book Freehand Figure Drawing For Illustrators at major book stores.

You can discover more about Dave on Instagram at @davidross4075 and online at DaveRossArt.com


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