Julien Paré-Sorel talks about his latest Adventurosaur book ‘Rex’s Awakening’

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Julien, based in Montréal, has always loved telling stories through drawings. After studying fine arts at college and comic book art at university, he started his career with a number of projects, including Léthéonie, the series Étienne et Charlot, which appears in the magazine Les Debrouillards, and La ligne rouge. Between comic book festivals and speaking engagements in Québec and around the world, Julien has carefully detailed the complex universe of Adventurosaur, which brings together this two longstanding passions: medieval fantasy worlds and dinosaurs.

Book One in the Adventurosaur series is entitled Rex’s Awakening and it’s the first in the series to be translated to English. The story is about Rex, a young blue dinosaur, who dreams of becoming the greatest adventurer of all time! While doing odd jobs around the village of Cretincia he takes care of his father, who is suffering from a mysterious illness. A tragic event propels Rex into an epic quest. With his friends Patchy and Gogo, he will travel to the four corners of the Great Kingdom of Mezoïk as the adventure begins!

It’s worthy to note that the French version of this book won numerous prizes :
• the Prix Mélèze 2020 of the Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading
• a Prix Bédéis causa (Yvette-Lapointe Award) for best French-language youth comic book in Canada
• a Joe Shuster Awards (Dragon Award)
• a nomination for the Prix des libraires du Québec

You can discover more about Julien on Twitter and Instagram at @julienparesorel and online at https://julienparesorel.com

You can discover more about Aventurosaur: Rex’s Awakening online https://www.groupemodus.com/en/book/adventurosaur-volume-1-rexs-awakening/


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