Ed Brisson reveals what’s ‘Beyond The Breach’

Here’s my chat with Ed Brisson about Beyond The Breach. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The podcast is also available on YouTube

Ed is a comic book writer who garnered attention with his self-published crime series Murder Book. He followed that work with four other series that he’s written and co-created published by Image: Sheltered, The Field, The Mantle and The Violent. Ed has also written for BOOM (Sons of Anarchy, Cluster, The Last Contract), Marvel (Secret Avengers, Secret Wars Battleworld), DC (Batman & Robin Eternal), IDW (TMNT/X-Files Conspiracy) and many others. He’s written New Mutants, Spirit of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons and Avengers of the Wasteland for Marvel. He’s been nominated for the Joe Shuster Award for Best Canadian Writer several times.

Ed’s current project is Beyond the Breach from AfterShock Comics. According to Ed: “The book follows the fall out of a cataclysmic event, called The Breach, that knocks the population of earth unconscious. When they wake, they find that all electronic devices have been rendered useless and huge swathes of the planet overwritten with alien landscapes and creatures – creatures both friendly and deadly,”

You can discover more about Ed on Twitter at @edbrisson and online at edbrisson.com

Discover more about Beyond The Breach at https://aftershockcomics.com/beyond-the-breach/


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