Curt Pires discusses the creative process for ‘Youth Season Two’

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Curt is a writer, producer, and creative that splits his time between Calgary, Canada and Hollywood. His series Olympia (co-created by his father Tony Pires) is published by Image Comics. His other creator-owned series include WYRD (Dark Horse Comics), POP (Dark Horse Comics), The Tomorrows (Dark Horse Comics)and The Fiction (Boom! Studios). Additionally, he has projects with Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics and other publishers in varying states of development. He enjoys telling stories that push both narrative and creative boundaries.

Youth is described as an epic superhuman saga unlike any other. To accompany Youth Season 2 # 1, Youth Volume 1 is now available in print from Dark Horse Books.

You can discover more about Curt on Twitter at @CurtPires

You can get Youth Season 2 #1 on Comixology

And Youth Volume 1 is available from Dark Horse Books


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