In Conversation With The Creators of ‘Tic Toc Tom’

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Chetan Patel, Paul Marhue and Kenneth Gallant

Tic Toc Tom is self-published comic book by ‘a bunch of folks who love comics.’ Tic Toc Tom started out in 1992 as a Toronto mini-comic. Chetan Patel, the creator of the character, originally intended to produce just one issue that was was given away free of charge to friends. But as it turned out, more people were interested than he thought. From its humble start, the character has grown in both scope and depth as artists were given free rein over their personal interpretations of the character. Tic Toc Tom has appeared as a nihilist and a super being among other variations while his trademark welding goggles and ink black hair became the norm.

During our conversation, Chetan Patel, Paul Marhue and Kenneth Gallant discuss the origins of Tic Toc Tom and discuss the current plans for the character.

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