In Conversation With The Creators of ‘Sasquatch Klondike’

Here’s my chat with Johnny Cassidy and Chad Leduc about Sasquatch Klondike. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And the podcast is also available on YouTube

Johnny Cassidy is a writer/creator from Ontario. He’s the founder of the philanthropic sales platform ‘Comics Altruism’ and has been a comic book enthusiast from birth. His first project is Sasquatch Klondike.

Chad Leduc is an illustrator/creator from Brantford, Ontario. He has a diploma in Interpretive Illustration from Sheridan College. He runs an independent apparel line in addition to being a designer for a small publishing house. He recently illustrated the children’s book The Girl From Glocken’s Glen.

Sasquatch Klondike is described as “a new thriller series presenting a different take on the Sasquatch mythos and aesthetic.  It is one part historical fiction, one part social analysis, two parts lore and legend, and a splash of adrenaline-soaked mindless panic.”

You can discover more about Sasquatch Klondike on Twitter at @sasquatchcomic and online at

You can discover more about Johnny on Twitter at @thejohnnycassi1

You can discover more about Chad on Twitter at @led76chad


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