VanCAF2020 — In Conversation With Jazz Groden-Gilchrist and Elliot Pryce-Baff

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In celebration of the comic book creators who were planning to exhibit at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival 2020, here’s my chat with Jazz Groden-Gilchrist and Elliot Pryce-Baff. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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Jazz is a black comic artist from Vancouver. He describes himself as “definitely not a set of sentient dreadlocks possessing a human body and forcing it to draw comics that use fantastical settings to explore ideas such as imposter syndrome, responsibility in a post-colonial world, and acceptance of saying farewell to loved ones.”

Elliot collaborates with Jazz on a variety of comic book projects including St. Mortimor’s Hospital and You Will Live Forever.


You can discover more about Jazz on Twitter at @thejazzway and on Instagram at @thejazzwayillustration. You can discover the projects from both Jazz and Elliot online at

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