Adam Gorham encourages comic book creators with professional advice

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Adam Gorham C2E2 2020

Adam is an artist based in Mississauga, Ontario. He’s worked for numerous publishers, including IDW, Valiant, Archie, plus the recent Punk Mambo series along with his efforts with Marvel Comics on Contagion and New Mutants: Dead Souls.

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During our chat, Adam spoke about his most recent trip to Chicago for the C2E2 show and what it meant to him. He also encouraged those getting into the comic book business with wise words of advice. Adam also hinted about several upcoming projects including a follow up to one of his recent series.

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Here’s the current news about Canadian creators and supporters.

Newsarama reported that Stadium Comics book store in Ontario will be holding their own virtual Free Comic Book Day Online even though the physical event won’t take place. The virtual event will stream on Facebook Live and YouTube on May 2nd, 10am-6pm Eastern Time and feature comic book creators Adam Gorham, Dan Parent, Alex Milne, and Marcus To.
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Screen Rant spoke with Jeff Lemire about his Black Hammer universe. When asked if readers should expect a continuous level of complexity moving forward, Jeff said: “This sort of meta commentary has definitely become a big part of the Black Hammer Universe, and it will continue to be in new stories I am working on now. But it also has to be earned and has to feel right for the story. In the case of Skulldigger, it needed to read a bit more grounded, but I do think there is a lot of more subtle commentary about street level superheroes and some of the superhero genres pulp origins going on in Skulldigger as well.”

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Newsarama reported on the new Shortbox issue #12 slated to debut this September. Available now for pre-order on Kickstarter  the compendium will include a variety of creators including Dead End Jobs by Aminder Dhaliwal, known for her critically acclaimed Woman World.

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Entertainment Weekly also spoke with Jeff Lemire about his Black Hammer/Justice League series he created along with artist Michael Walsh. When asked about the series, Jeff said:  “I grew up an avid DC Comics reader and was lucky enough to write many of their characters when I was working exclusively for DC. But when I went on to create my own superhero universe with Black Hammer, I thought I had mostly left DC behind. I never dreamed that a project like this would surface, where I could take my own creations and mix and match them up with all those iconic DC characters I loved so much. This project was a total blast from start to finish, a love letter to superhero comics and all the great crossovers I read as a kid.”

You can read more at including the first issue at

Black Hammer Justice League Hammers of Justice HC


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