Te’Shawn Dwyer talks about ‘Desert Messiah’ at Word on the Street Toronto

Here’s my chat with Te’Shawn Dwyer at Word on the Street Toronto. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

Te'Shawn Dwyer
Te’Shawn is a designer and illustrator from Toronto who has worked on various Indie projects and publications. Currently he’s working away on his own graphic novel Desert Messiah.

Desert Messiah.jpg

During our chat, Te’Shawn talked about his current project Desert Messiah. He also spoke about his influences. Te’Shawn offered insight into his comic book creation process.

You can discover more about Te’Shawn on Twitter at @TeShawnDwyer and online at teshawndwyer.ca


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


First up a couple pieces of news coming out of New York Comic Con 2019.


Comics Beat reported that publisher Abrams will create an imprint of LGBTQ graphic novels in spring 2021 curated by Mariko Tamaki. When commenting on the new line called Surely Books, Mariko said: “I am so excited to have this opportunity to take on a new role in the creative process, to learn more with the writers and artists I’m working with, to find new ways to support queer creators and queer stories, new voices in our community.”
You can read more at ComicsBeat.com

And secondly, Bleeding Cool wrote that IDW will produce Bermuda about a 16-year-old girl who lives in an otherworldly dimension to be authored by John Layman and illustrated by Nick Bradshaw. When commenting on the series, Nick said: “ I’m excited to be working on Bermuda. John is giving me thrilling stories full of adventure and suspense — so much so, I don’t know if I can do them justice, but I’m sure as hell going to try!”
You can read more at BleedingCool.com




After a two year absence, The New York Times has once again published their monthly graphic novel bestseller list. Among the 15 notables is Pumpkinheads illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks and writer by Rainbow Rowell.
You can read more at NYTimes.com



The Hollywood Reporter announced that James Wan, known for bringing DC’s Aquaman to the big screen will be taking the lead to bring Gideon Falls to the small screen. Jeff Lemire’s Gideon Falls has been optioned by Hive Mind to develop the series for television. Jeff was quoted as saying: “Gideon Falls is a story of madness and faith where rural mystery and urban horror collide in unexpected ways, all tied to the legend of the Black Barn…This is certainly a much darker story than any of my previous work. And the horror and supernatural elements are clearly central to this darkness.”
You can read more at HollywoodReporter.com

Gideon Falls 1


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