Tyler Mann talks about comic book influences at Word on the Street Toronto

Here’s my chat with Tyler Mann at Word on the Street Toronto. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

Tyler is a multi-talented artist with an ongoing project The Costume Shop along with an adventure serial Kid Quicksand. He’s presented and tabled at various conventions around Ontario including ConBravo, Anime North, Ochiba-Con and more.

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During our chat, Tyler talked about his artistic influences. He offered insight about attending Word on the Street as a way of direct interaction with his audiences. He also spoke about Kid Quicksand and what sources inspired him to create that title.

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You can discover more about Tyler on Twitter at @TylerMannArt and online at TylerMannArt.ca


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Newsarama published an interview with Jed MacKay about his five-issue Spider-Verse title that pulls Miles Morales back into the Spider-Verse. When asked how he got involved with the project, Jed said: “The Arachnid Multiverse in my Marvel blood – my second story for Marvel appeared in the first Spider-Verse event, and the first full issue I ever wrote was Spider-Geddon #0. When editor Nick Lowe was putting together another mini to explore the Spider-Verse and asked if I’d like to help put it together, I was happy to sling back into the Web of Life and Destiny!”
You can read more at Newsarama.com



CG Magazine recently spoke with Mike Feehan about working in the comics industry. When asked about what he enjoys most about the business, Mike said: “Because I didn’t think that it was possible that I could be a comic book artist living all the way over Newfoundland, having no connection to that industry, I thought that it was completely out of reach for me. But after years of working in graphic design and printing and just not feeling fulfilled, I just kind of decided to go for it and started saving up money. So I could travel to other cities to go to a convention to meet with editors and learn from writers and just build a portfolio. It’s something that’s always been in my blood like it’s just a passion that I needed to achieve.”
You can read more at CGMagOnline.com


TV Insider spoke with Mariko Tamaki about her recent work on Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass. When asked about the challenge of telling a story about a character that ultimately turns into a villain, Mariko said: “As an origin story, I wanted this story to be about the beginnings of a character’s relationship with justice. Like, possibly there’s a difference between fighting for your friends, for what you think is important, and understanding the context your fight sits in. [It’s] about what it means to be something that looks like a hero versus someone that acts more like a villain. All these characters are teenagers, so they’re all trying things on, figuring things out, and this comic is about that. I think in this comic, you see Harley Quinn is a fighter. Now…it’s just a matter of where that fight will take her.”
You can read more at TVInsider.com

harley quinn breaking glass


Polygon chatted with Jeff Lemire about his new mini-series Joker: Killer Smile. Jeff was asked about what makes the Joker such a compelling villain and he said: “I thought it would be really interesting to take something that’s traditionally so dark and scary and to try to tell a story that still has some hope. That’s a challenge. Hopefully that’s what we’ll succeed in doing. How can I do the stuff that I do well, but do it with a character that’s so dark? And some people take that character and use it as a symbol for a lot of things that aren’t great, too.”
You can read more at Polygon.com



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