Wallace Ryan talks about comic book creativity in Newfoundland

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Wallace Ryan - June 2019

Wallace has been referred to as the ‘Godfather of Newfoundland Comics’ having instructed students for more than 22 years about the medium. He’s been a fixture of comic books in Newfoundland as an educator, store proprietor, and overall comic book creator. One of his most recent works is Nobody Is In Control with Paul Tucker – I spoke with Paul recently at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

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During our chat, Wallace talked about his current project The Narrows and how his grandfather’s exploits as a Newfoundland soldier in the first World War inspired this project. He also spoke about his adventures in finding comics as a youngster plus how he got into comics as a creator. Wallace also chatted about some of his influences as an artist. He also talked about the upcoming St. John’s comic book convention

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You can find out more about Wallace online at https://www.facebook.com/Wallace-Ryans-Comics-Graphics-412003602320530/

For information about Pure Comix: Festival of Graphic Literature, please visit http://www.annatempletoncenter.com/pure-comix-festival-of-graphic-literature/


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

On his Twitter feed, Jeff Lemire announced that he’ll be joining with Keith Giffen to create the Inferior Five series. In addition to co-writing with Keith, Jeff will provide a backup story and a variant cover. The writeup about the series is as follows: “The citizens of Dangerfield, Arizona, are beset by strange goings-on after the ‘Invasion’ that rocked the DC Universe, but only five misfit kids seem to notice them.”
You can read more on Jeff Lemire’s Twitter feed.

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The Sault Star interviewed artist Lia Golemba about her illustrations for a new children’s picture book Rocky Mountain Rangers: Guardians of the Wild available in August. When asked about the focus on the wild landscapes of the rockies, Lia said: “A lot of children’s books have more general themes and they do that to appeal to a larger audience. We’re kind of a niche book, a niche market. It is an Alberta story, an Alberta regional piece. It’s really exciting to see the reactions of people, and have their backyards represented.”
You can read more at SaultStar.com

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CBC Radio published an article about 11 children’s books to check out this summer. The list includes:
-The Not-So Great Outdoors by Madeline Kloepper
I Hate Everyone written by Naomi Davis and illustrated by Cinta Arribas
Paseka: A Little Elephant, Brave written by Ruth James and illustrated by Kent Laforme
– Albert’s Quiet Quest by Isabelle Arsenault
– Africville written by Shauntay Grant and illustrated by Eva Campbell
You can read more at CBC.ca/Radio

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