Jason Tocewicz promotes anthologies for first time readers and creators at TCAF 2019

Here’s my chat with Jason Tocewicz at Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Podcast available on Apple Podcasts and player.FM

Jason T

Jason is a Toronto cartoonist and an alumnus of Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Boot camp. Jason has worked with fellow Bootcamp graduate Sam Noir, and contributed to indie publications such as Heady Mental, Fan Fiction the Comic Strip, Fandemonion the Comic Strip and Zip Kramer. Jason’s latest work is a contribution to the Cauldron anthology.

Cauldron 2 cover preview

During our chat, Jason talked about his current work in the Cauldron anthology and offered his take on how anthology series can be beneficial to those getting into comics both as readers and creators. Jason also spoke about an upcoming project.

You can discover more about Jason on Twitter at @JTocewicz and on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jasontocewicz/

Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Artsy published an excerpt from illustrator Kagan McLeod’s new book Draw People Everyday. One selection from the book reads: “As you draw from life, take each part of a figure as it comes and adjust your intentions for your pictures accordingly. Many students make the mistake of going on autopilot after beginning a drawing and end up with a generic mannequin-like figure. Real people aren’t stiff, symmetrical, or flat.”
You can read more at Artsy.net

draw people every day


SyFy Wire published an article entitled ’21 Comics To Watch Out For In June 2019’. The list includes:
Black Cat #1 written by Jed MacKay
Aftershock Comics Vol. 2 written by Ray Fawkes and others
Marilyn Manor #1 with art by Marley Zarcone
You can read more at SyFy.com


CBR.com listed the “Best Swamp Thing Stories (And Where To Buy Them)” now that the DC streaming service is showing the Swamp Thing series. The list includes Swamp Thing: Protector of the Green with art by Yanick Paquette which the article cites: “While maintaining the character’s horror roots, Snyder and Paquette sought to remind readers of the importance of Alec Holland to Swamp Thing’s overall identity while reintegrating him into the wider DC Universe.”
You can read more at CBR.com



Newsarama reported on Jim Zub’s recent TEDx Talk on being ‘Raised by Dragons’. The video recording of Jim took place in May at TEDxStMary in Oshawa, Ontario in which he talks about his creative journey and how tabletop games help him with his creativity, empathy and confidence.
You can see the entire video on Newsarama.com


Marvel interviewed Jed MacKay in time for the first issue of his new series Black Cat. When asked about how he feels being on this book, Jed replied: “I love writing Felicia in her own book for the same reason we love all stories about ingenious thieves and daring scoundrels—Felicia Hardy isn’t a hero or a villain, but a freewheeling adventuress who lives by no laws but her nature, and calls master none but her desires.”
You can read more at Marvel.com

Black Cat 1


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