‘Momumental’ creator Grant McLaughlin discusses publishing tips at TCAF 2019

Here’s my chat with Grant McLaughlin at Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Podcast available on Apple Podcasts and player.FM

Grant McLaughlin
Grant is a writer from Ottawa, Ontario. His work includes Deja Nu and various short comic stories and scripts. He’s collaborated with Dann Franco and Rapha Andrade as part of Tritangonist Press.

During our chat, Grant talked about his latest work Monumental, with artist Sam Beck, and what inspired him to write this graphic novel. He also offered some hints and tips for creators considering publishing their work.


You can discover more about Grant on Twitter at @ggrgmclaughlin and online at http://www.tritagonistpress.com/


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


CBC Books published an interview with Seth about his latest book Clyde Fans – the collected tales of brotherhood and nostalgia in southwestern Ontario. When asked about his favourite part of the book, Seth was quoted as saying: “My favourite part of the book is the last chapter. I was waiting for a long time to get to it and I knew it would have to have an otherworldly quality to it. When the time came, I was ready to do it. But I always think to myself, ‘What if I had drawn that last chapter 20 years ago?’ I wonder how different or the same it would be. I suspect that it would have the same ideas and the same themes, but the way that I would have told the story would have been very different.” You can read more at CBC.ca/Books

clyde fans

The Verge reported on recent changes to DeviantArt, a well frequented site by comic book creators around the world including Canada.  The article reminds readers that DeviantArt was bought by the website-building platform Wix in 2017. Now the creator exhibition site’s perennial army-green design is being revamped with a sleek new layout called DeviantArt Eclipse. When asked about the reason for the change, CEO Angelo Sotira was quoted as saying: “The aim is to be DeviantArt for the next 10 years, not the past 20.” You can read more at TheVerge.com


SyFy Wire interviewed Todd McFarlane about 27 years of Spawn and more. He spoke about the 300th issue of Spawn means to him and what’s to come in the future. Todd was quoted as saying: “I’ve got a big story that will basically continue Spawn and the character’s evolution. There’s gonna be a change in him that nobody’s seen in the first 300 issues in this book,” he teases. “That evolution has always been at the forefront of where I wanted to get to and I’m just gonna continue to sow the change of the character.”
You can read more at SyFy.com

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