Shea Proulx offers insight for beginning creators planning to publish content

Here’s my chat with Shea Proulx at Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Podcast available on Apple Podcasts and player.FM

Shea Proulx
Shea has self- published two books, and her current book, Alice at Naptime, has been published by Renegade Arts and Entertainment. She describes her work as a “nerdy trip, where memories and observations co-mingle to form sweet psychedelic spaces, and visual narratives steal the show.”

During our chat, Shea talked about her latest work shown at Toronto Comic Arts Festival – Alice at Naptime. She also provided personal insight about the publishing business as an independent creator. Shea spoke about her future plans to promote her work including Panel One.

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Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Newsarama reported on Newfoundland’s first comic convention debuting this June. The Pure Comix Festival of Graphic Literature is scheduled to be held from June 27 to 30 at the Anna Templeton Centre in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Events include workshops with comic book creators Paul Tucker, Mike Feehan, Andrew Hawthorn and Wallace Ryan. More details can be found on

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Bleeding Cool wrote an article remembering the late Darwyn Cooke who passed away on May 14, 2016. In the write up, many comic book creators offer their feelings about Darwyn and what he meant to them including Michael Cho, Scott Chantler, and many, many more. You can read the entire article at



CBC News published a report on Moncton, New Brunswick artist Nick Bradshaw. He spoke about preparing for a very special project for Marvel Comics. Nick was quoted as saying: “They’ve got writers and artists who’ve been working with Marvel from the golden age, the silver age right up to the modern age. They’re going to be contributing one-page stories to make one big edition of a book, a big 80-page edition. I’m really fanboying out about being able to contribute to this … pretty stoked.” You can read more at



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