Jason Simard talked about transitioning from traditional to digital for artwork creations

Here’s my chat with Jason Simard at C2E2.

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Jason Simard
Jason is a digital artist who, after 10 years of graphic design in traditional painting and drawing, gave it up for a stylus. He admits his fondness for exhibiting his artwork at conventions for over three years. While he mostly does fanart, he is working on his own characters for a future project.

During our chat, Jason talked about his artwork that he showcases at exhibitions. He discussed the artists that inspire him. As a digital artist, Jason explained what tools he uses to create his artwork.

You can find Jason online at https://www.deviantart.com/simartworks


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs student newspaper, The Scribe, recently interviewed Faith Erin Hicks about her latest work Comics Will Break Your Heart. When asked about her work habits, Faith was quoted as saying: “Writing a prose book is certainly different than doing comics. Drawing a graphic novel, that’s like running a marathon, so it’s a lot of hours, a lot of sitting in a chair. It’s also just plugging away and moving at a steady pace. Whereas writing a novel, I found it was more like sprinting. I couldn’t do it for long periods of time. I had to just dive in, quickly write, try my best to not exhaust my brain, and then I had to leave it and I had to walk away.” You can read more at Scribe.UCCS.edu

faith comics break your heart


Comics Beat reported on this year’s inductees into the Giants of the North Canadian Cartoonist Hall of Fame as part of the Annual Doug Wright Awards that honor the best in Canadian cartooning. Fiona Smythe was recognized for her various publications most notably for her recent work entitled Somnambulance, a career retrospective, published by Koyama Press. Alootook Ipellie was the editor of Inuit Today magazine and contributor of comics to many publications. Ipellie died in 2007. Both Fiona and Ipellie will be inducted into Giants of the North at the annual Doug Wright Awards on May 11th as part of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. You can read more at ComicsBeat.com



Dr. David Annandale, a senior instruction in English, Theatre, Film and Media at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Arts published an essay entitled ‘Has Marvel reinvented the film serial?” For those too young to know, film serials of yesteryear has a modest budget and comprised 20-minute cliffhanger episodes showing one per week before a major motion picture in movie theatres. He argues that “we have 200-million-dollar, 2-hour-plus episodes coming out over the course of 11 years.” And continues:  “…the MCU models the comic book medium by being composed of several interlocking series, and that really is new.” You can read more at News.UManitoba.ca



The Stratford Beacon Herald published an article about Moose Jaw’s Festival of Words 2019. The 23d annual Saskatchewan event slated to occur July 18-21at the Moose Jaw Public Library has a write range of authors including Jillian Tamaki (famed for the award-winning They Say Blue children’s book) who will lead the Kids Ink workshop, a free session on ‘zine making and comic book writing. You can read more at StratfordBeaconHerald.com

they say blue


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