Canadian comic book creators mourn passing of industry notable Norm Breyfogle

The comic book community lost another great creator this week. Norm Breyfogle passed away this pass week after suffering a stroke earlier this year.  Norm was best known for his comic book work on DC Comics’ Batman from 1987 to 1995. He also both wrote and drew the Malibu-published series featuring his original character Metaphysique.

Norm Breyfogle portrait by Michael Netzer

Here is a small sample of the messages conveyed by Canadian comic book creators about Norm’s passing.

Norm Breyfogle was THE Batman artist for me, when I was a kid. I’d sit and try to copy his drawings for hours. Very saddened to hear about his passing. Please consider donating to @heroinitiative
Jeff Lemire

Lots of Batman remembrances of Norm Breyfogle, but not as many of others he worked on that I remember fondly – Whisper & Prime. So thought I’d add them along with my first ever con sketch. Toronto show. I asked for two characters – Batman & Whisper. This is what I got. RIP Norm.
Jack Briglio

Norm drew the first issue of Batman I ever owned. He was an immense talent and will be missed. RIP Norm Breyfogle
Jason Fabok

Norm Breyfogle’s covers for Batman and Detective Comics! You could spot a Breyfogle cover from across the shop. His use of shadows, and the things he did to Batman’s cape, so much fun! So many great covers forever etched into my memory… #RIPNormBreyfogle
J. Torres

Another great comic book artist has gone. RIP Norm Breyfogle. He had so many fantastic covers it was hard to think of my favourites. So instead, I’m sharing the covers to the Clayfaces story in Detective #604-607. Thanks for the memories.
Canucklehead – Greg McCambley

detective comics 610
“Detective Comics” No. 610, with cover art by Norm Breyfogle. (DC Entertainment)

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