Kids animation writer shares story about making comic books in Canada during 1940s

Here’s my chat with Robert Pincombe at the Toronto Comics Osgoode As Gold anthology launch event.

Robert Pincombe

Robert is a Gemini-award winning writer who created a variety of kids animation projects including ‘Kids vs. Kat’ and ‘Camp Lakebottom’. Along with his partner Shelly Hoffman, Robert has worked on shows such as ‘Max and Ruby’, ‘Kate and Mim-Mim’, ‘Dot’ and ‘Barbar’.

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During our chat, Robert talked about how he came to participate in this anthology with his contribution entitled ‘Leave It To Leo’ – a story about making comic books in Canada in the 1940s. He talked about the history of Canadian comic books in general.  And he hinted about future comic book projects.


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