Interview with Dave McCaig

Here’s my chat with Dave McCaig.

Dave McCaig Toronto Comicon 2018


Dave is an award-winning artist, colourist, inker and penciller who also works in the animation industry. His work includes: Action Comics, American Vampire, Adam Strange, Detective Comics, House of Mystery, X-Men, Star Wars, Superman: Birthright, The Matrix Comics, Nextwave, New Avengers, Northlanders, Wonder Woman, Low, Black Road, Huck, Nemesis and many many more. His animation projects have included the first three seasons of the 2004 Batman animated series at Warner Brothers and various duties on the fourth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

During our chat, Dave talks about upcoming issues of Low, the first volume of Huck, and his work on Action Comics #1000 (you can see the results right here), covers for Barbarella, a few details about his secret project, a variety of illustration work with publishers, his thoughts on the rumour that Netflix will publish its own line of comic books and what it might mean for creators,  his comment about a recent Tweet showing him wearing an Olympic torch bearer jacket, plus his upcoming plans.

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