Interview with Ramón Pérez about his trip with TCAF in Japan 2017

Here’s my chat with Ramón Pérez regarding his recent trip with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival to Japan.


Ramón is the multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winning cartoonist best known for his graphic novel adaptation of Jim Henson’s Tale Of Sand for publisher Archaia Entertainment. His other work includes The Amazing Spider-Man: Learning To Crawl, John Carter: The Gods Of Mars, Wolverine & the X-Men, along with his own creations Butternutsquash and Kukuburi.


During our chat, Ramón gives his insight about his recent trip with others to Japan as part of the TCAF adventure including his take on the Japanese comic book scene, participating at Tokyo Comic Con including an appearance by Stan Lee, the positive feedback by fans, his visit to a Maid Cafe, and his take on the Japanese culture.


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And now my chat with Ramón Pérez about TCAF in Japan 2017.

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