Peter Nowak talks about making ‘The Intrepid Savvies’ comic book with RAID Studio

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Peter is the Vice-President of Insight and Engagement at TekSavvy, Canada’s largest independent telecommunications company. He’s a former staff reporter and editor at The Globe and Mail, National Post, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and New Zealand Herald. Peter’s work has also appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, New Scientist, Boston Globe, Toronto Star and many others. He was also a regular columnist on CBC Radio. Peter wrote the non-fiction novel The Rise of Real-Life Superheroes and the Fall of Everything Else. He is also the writer of The Intrepid Savvies comic book.

The Intrepid Savvies was created and distributed to shine a light on the state of the telecommunications sector in Canada. It’s described as “the story of a captured regulator and an all-powerful telecommunications industry, and a small but mighty band of heroes who fight to make things better. While the story may be exaggerated, it reflects a real and significant shift over the past few years in the Canadian telecommunications industry toward fewer companies increasing their market power, often with the encouragement of decision-makers such as the CRTC and the Competition Bureau.”

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