Starkie Mak talks about ‘Coming To Canada’ graphic novel

Here’s my chat with Starkie Mak about Coming To Canada. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. The podcast is also available on YouTube.

Starkie is an artist, writer, illustrator and art teacher for children. She studied post-graduate diploma in Fine Arts and Integrated Arts at the University of Hong Kong. Her paintings have been exhibited across Europe and Asia. Starkie moved from Hong Kong to Toronto in 2018.

Starkie has been teaching kids art drawing simultaneously for over eight years because she claims it benefits her and surprisingly stimulates and inspires her in her own art creation as well. Currently, Starkie illustrates for a children’s magazine and she’s also working on story illustrations with her publisher.

In Coming to Canada from At Bay Press, Starkie captures a tale of the immigrant experience from the eyes of a child. Paying homage to the children’s books that have moved many, she uses brush strokes and calligraphy to evoke the turbulent emotions and difficulties a child must experience when having their little world upended to have a foreign world unfold before them.

You can discover more about Starkie on Instagram at @hoshi_koubou and on Facebook at StarkieArtStudio plus her website is


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