Alex A. chats about turning his graphic novel ‘Super Agent Jon Le Bon’ into a CBC TV show

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Alex is based in Montreal and as a prolific cartoonist has three series and more than 10 comic books to his name. The Jon Le Bon character, created from his childhood, is described as an ‘anti-hero’ with colourful sidekicks living in outrageous situations. This year marks the 10th anniversary of L’Agent Jean!, featuring the secret agent’s adventures. The popular book is a big hit and is adored by young readers in Quebec, France, Switzerland and Belgium. The series is also published in English Canada as Super Agent Jon Le Bon!

The book has spawned an animated TV series now celebrating its third season on

And to prove he’s not slowing down, Alex A. just published his new English-language comic book titled Super Agent Jon Le Bon! Season 2, Volume 2: Nanodimension from Adventure Press aimed at 8 and up readers. The book is described as “The First Continent is in danger. The newly re-elected President Tiberius has come up with a plan to steal the most powerful and dangerous technologies from the Agency. As for Super Agent Jon Le Bon, he has been the victim of an accident in Henry’s lab and finds himself shrunk to molecular scale. By chance, he makes friends with a species of nanorobots who live within the walls of Building A…Together, they will try to foil the president’s plans.”

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Super Agent Jon Le Bon airs on CBC Kids and is available to watch on the free CBC Gem streaming service. Alex’s new English-language book titled Nanodimension and his other books are available at bookstores and Amazon.


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