In Conversation With Nyco Rudolph

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Here’s my chat with Nyco Rudolph. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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Nyko Rudolph with the late Carrie Fisher

Nyco is an illustrator in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He got his start in the arts by designing show posters, album covers and merchandise for bands in the local Winnipeg music scene. After taking the leap, he committed his efforts to a full-time art career, with tons of new prints, merchandise and with graphic novels and comics in the works. When not at his drawing desk, Nyco is on the road bringing his special flavour of art to the Canadian masses through an eclectic mix of propaganda style, anthropomorphic animals, old school 3D and film noir.


You can discover more about Nyco on Twitter and Instagram at @nycorudolph and online at



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