TCAF2020: In Conversation with Dave McCaig

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In celebration of the comic book creators who were planning to exhibit at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2020, here’s my chat with Dave McCaig. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Dave McCaig Fan Expo

Dave is an Inkpot and Shuster award winning artist and colorist who is best known for his work in comics and animation. Some notable projects have included color design on “The Batman” animated series, and coloring work on comics such as Superman Birthright, Nextwave, Lucifer, Low, and Fight Club 3.

Low 23

After our conversation, Dave sent along a note indicating that “Adobe released a patch for Photoshop that fixed the endless crashing. It must have been completed just before the lockdown.”

You can discover more about Dave on Twitter at @DaveMcCaig and online at


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