Megan Huang talks about collaborating with Dark Horse Comics President for ‘Jia and the Nian Monster’

Here’s my chat with Megan Huang. This podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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Megan is an artist based in Toronto. Her works include Double Jumpers and Princeless from Action Lab, Jia and the Nian Monster for Dark Horse, Life for Image, a Jennika backup for IDW, and some concept artwork for Chapterhouse Comics.

Jia and the Nian Monster TP

During out chat, Megan spoke about her work on Jia and the Nian Monster and how she collaborated with Mike Richardson, the President and Founder of Dark Horse Comics. She also commented on her approach to inspiring a new generation of young artists. Megan explained her work ethic when dealing with multiple projects including variant covers and back up stories.

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You can discover more about Megan on Twitter at @MeganHuang5  and online



Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.


The Doug Wright Award nominations were announced to honor Canadian cartoonists for excellence in comics (including webcomics) and graphic novels published in English (including translated works). The awards are named in honour of Canadian cartoonist Doug Wright and winners are selected by a jury of Canadians who have made significant contributions to national culture. This year’s nominations include:

Best Book:
This Place: 150 Years Retold – various contributors
The Cursed Hermit by Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes
Bezimena by Nina Bunjevac
Agnes, Murderess by Sarah Leavitt
Death Threat by Vivek Shraya and Ness Lee
Bradley of Him by Connor Willumsen

The Nipper: The Doug Wright Award for emerging talent:
– D. Boyd for Chicken Rising
– Jason Bradshaw for Things Go Wrong
– Sylvia Nickerson for Creation
– Ben O’Neil for Apologetica
– Cole Pauls for Dakwäkãda Warriors

The Pigskin Peters: The Doug Wright Award for best small- or micro-press book:
Boumeries, Vol. 9 by Boum
Gleem by Freddy Carrasco
Baby in the Boneyard by Jesse Jacobs
Curb Angels by Lisa Mendis, Christopher Ducharme and Lucas C. Pauls
Dejects by Jay Stephens

The Egghead: The Doug Wright Award for best kids’ book:
Brick Breaks Free by David Craig
The Worst Book Ever by Elise Gravel
Lunch Quest by Chris Kuzma
Dakwäkãda Warriors by Cole Pauls
Alma and the Beast by Esme Shapiro

The 2020 Doug Wright Awards will be broadcast online on Saturday, May 9th, at 8 p.m.
For more information, visit

Poster by Hartley Lin

Newsarama published an article focused on the background of Mariko Tamaki. When asked about how she got into the comic book business, Mariko said: “Shortly after This One Summer came out, I got a call from Bobby Curnow at IDW to work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And then I was suddenly making mainstream comics. Of course, first I had to learn how to do that. That took some time.”
You can

The Washington Post wrote about tips to spark the imagination while working alone. When asked for her input Faith Erin Hicks responded with: “My go-to for keeping my brain from puddling into bored art goo is listening to audiobooks while I draw comics. It helps keep my butt in the chair and my brain focused on the task at hand.”
You can



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