‘Group of 7’ creators talk about future projects at Word on the Street Toronto

Here’s my chat with Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus about Group of 7 at Word on the Street Toronto. Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts.

Group of 7 WOTS
With Chris as the writer and Jason as the illustrator, both from Southwestern Ontario, their current work is Group of 7 – an ongoing series set in the First World War in which Canadian physician John McCrae leads a secret mission with his supporting soldiers.

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During our chat, Chris and Jason provided an update about their Group of 7 series including a new twist with additional characters in an upcoming arc. Jason spoke about his inspiration for drawing characters. Chris offered his thoughts about potential opportunities for the title in another medium.

You can discover more about Group of 7 at groupof7comic.ca and on Twitter at @groupof7comic

You can follow Chris on Twitter at @ChrisSanagan and Jason is on Twitter at @JasonLapidus



Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Newsarama interviewed Jed MacKay about the Black Cat / Spider-Man wedding slated for Black Cat Annual #1. When asked about what it’s like to write for Black Cat, Jed said: “Black Cat has been a blast to write; it’s the kind of book where I get to do the things I love – lots of gags, lots of action, lots of shenanigans, all wrapping up a real heart. Felicia is an amazing character to write, given the space she occupies in the Marvel Universe, and building up her corner of the world and her supporting characters has been a real treat.”
You can read more at Newsarama.com

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Marvel announced a new project entitled Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle described as something that will “give Spider-Fans a kind of story that threw out the rules and was born out of a storytelling experiment amongst a team of seven of Marvel’s finest writers. When asked about the issue, Chip Zdarsky said: “Honestly, this was one of the greatest honors of my professional life. To be able to participate in such a project with the industry’s top writers, who I count as my friends, was an absolute thrill. It truly does blow my mind that I’m a small part of such a rarified group of talented creators and I can’t wait for everyone to see the results.”
You can read more at Marvel.com



The London Free Press interviewed Mariko Tamaki about her new book Harley Quinn Breaking Glass. When asked about the book Mariko said: “I would say in some ways it’s a very Canadian superhero story.” And added “It was trial and error for the first 20 pages. I wanted her to talk like she’s completely in her own world.”
You can read more at LFPress.com

harley quinn breaking glass



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