Loc Nguyen talks about Vietnam, digital creativity and comic books

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Loc Nguyen

Loc is an artist, creative director and self-described coffee addict. For over a decade, he has been creating concept art, storyboard and character design for the film and television industry. He has a passion for telling story by creating character concept, fan arts and other personal illustration.

Loc_Nguyen - Cauldron

During our chat, Loc talked about his upbringing and the adventure he experienced coming to Canada. He spoke about his career in the arts and his passion for digital creativity. Loc also provided insight into his upcoming plans.

You can discover more about Loc on Twitter at @madmonkeylove and online at madmonkeylove.com


Here’s some of the current news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

CNET wrote about San Diego Comic-Con at nearly 50 years of cosplay, collectibles and long lines. The article included an interview with Agnes Garbowska. When asked about the event, Agnes was quoted as saying: “I find myself educating people about comics,” The article continued by saying “As someone who used to hide her childhood comic books to avoid being labeled too “weird,” she’s happy to see a broader acceptance of geekery. She would, though, like to see more cross-promotion between the source material and its adaptations.”
You can read more at Cnet.com

NY Times reviewed Clyde Fans by Seth. The write up states: “Seth, the celebrated Canadian writer and artist, isn’t old, but he is just as much a time machine, and his new book, Clyde Fans, is a brilliant trip that also plays tricks on you, slowing down, speeding up, going backward, creating endless loops.”
You can read more at NYTimes.com
clyde fans

AV Club published a list of the best comic books of 2019, so far. A variety of Canadian creators are on the list:
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
Sobek by James Stokoe
This Woman’s Work by Julie Delporte
When I Arrived At The Castle by Emily Carroll

You can read more at Aux.AVClub.com


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